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Opportunities to work at VNLIFE Singapore

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Technical Product Manager, Platform


The work

We strive to provide great working experiences for our engineers and our larger tech team. We believe that happy engineers are the most productive engineers who will grow with our company for a long time. What we do:

  • Provide a reliable platform so that our engineers can focus on building product features.
  • Build a good process so that our engineers can contribute to our ever evolving code base without breaking
  • Provide self-operated environments for our engineers to build, deploy and run their services efficiently.

And we provide an all-in-one platform namely TEKONE to fulfil above requirements.

Your responsibilities

The PM for Platform / SRE / Dev Experience will play important roles in driving our engineering culture towards. Her responsibilities are as follows:

  • Working with CTO, other technical leads to create a short, medium and long term roadmap of our platform to fulfil our vision of building a great experience for our engineers, empowering them to build awesome
    products for our customers.
  • Working with multiple platform teams across regions (HCM, HN, Singapore) to make sure everyone contributes effectively to our roadmap, driving our TEKONE platform towards.
  • Work closely with technical leads and other team members to get feedback ensuring everyone can leverage our platform effectively, gaining great productivity.
  • Onboarding new members on our platform so that they can start contributing to our product from day one.
  • Broadcasting and training for new platform features (new CI/CD flow, automation test framework monitoring tools .e.g).
  • Build the process for managing incidents, post-mortems, weekly operations reports to collect insights and find ways to improve our platform over time.
  • Constantly raise the standard.

Cloud based Omni-channel Retail platform

Software Engineering