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Opportunities to work at VNLIFE Singapore

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Data Scientist, Retails Growth

Data Science

Started since 2007, VNLIFE is a diverse ecosystem comprising leading companies driving transformations in both traditional and growing demand sectors in the economy such as tourism, logistics, commerce, and constantly expanding its presence beyond VietNam to Singapore, Myanmar, and Cambodia.

The Data Science team currently focuses on payments and retails. Every data scientist is expected to own an end-to-end lifecycle of framing business problem statements, building MVPs, designing models and systems, preparing data pipelines, deploying to production. Each Data Scientist typically focuses on 1 business domain at a time, with rotation opportunities and exposure to peers’ work. The team is looking for passionate data scientists who aim to become thinkers, leaders and pioneers. We work remotely from 3 sites: Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh and Singapore.

The work

  • uses analysis, experimentation and machine learning to continuously improve user sign-up and user engagement throughout the user journey on all of our e-retails platforms.
  • plans, builds, and manages key data pipelines and dashboards to measure success metrics in close coordination with product teams, marketing teams and merchandising teams.
  • assists marketing to create meaningful content and assists products to create meaningful features by working with vast data sets to deliver impactful dashboards and analysis pieces, driving CTR, conversion and retention.
  • supports exploratory analysis to better understand key user behaviors and investigate any errors affecting the conversion funnel.
  • leads experimentation initiatives to optimise conversion funnels

Minimum qualification (Exact responsibilities vary with levels)

  • Degrees in Machine Learning, Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Electrical/Computer Engineering, Industrial & Systems Engineering, or related technical field/experience.
  • Proficient in Python and PySpark, or display ability to catch up quickly on Python. Proficient in SQL, or display ability to catch up in sequel.
  • Understand and display ability to apply A/B testing.
  • Display ability to: articulate business questions and requirements, set success metrics, identify data required, select the right models or use statistical techniques to arrive at answers using available data.
  • Display ability to design and execute on prototypes.
  • Responsible and self-motivated, curious and independent learner, constantly strive for improvement and enjoy sharing knowledge with team members.
  • Detail-oriented and efficient time management in a dynamic and fast-paced working environment.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Passionate about e-commerce and growth.
  • Real-world implementation experience in machine learning including classification, clustering, logistic regression, tree-based models and heuristic models, with familiarity dealing with trade-offs. 
  • Real-world experience in ETL, feature selections, hyper-parameter optimization, model validation and visualization.
  • Experience in tools like Scikit-Learn, Pandas, and XGBoost.
  • Experience in deep learning frameworks like Tensorflow or PyTorch.
  • Experience researching or working in at least one of the following sectors: retails or e-commerce, financial or payment services, telecommunications, POS, social networks, travels, or other sectors within the VNLife ecosystem.
  • Experience implementing research papers in code.
  • Experience in interfacing with other teams and departments to deliver impact for the organization.